REPLAYED: Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool | Reds make it six with a thunderbolt

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From the UEFA Super Cup final
to the Premier League. Chelsea and Liverpool
go head to head once again, Glorious from Fabinho. Sadio Mane, still got it. Liverpool's free kick, right on the edge. Andreas Christensen with the challenge. GARY GILLESPIE: I've got a little bit
of sympathy for the big centre-back, he tries to win the ball but Sadio Mane,
as clever as he is, he just gets that left leg over,
we see it so often. JOHN: After an impressive start
it's Alexander-Arnold! Absolutely emphatic. Liverpool go in front, Trent Alexander-Arnold has thundered one
into the back of the Chelsea net. GARY: It's more power than anything else
that takes it past the goalkeeper, it's absolutely inch-perfect
from the young man. Won't strike it better than that for the rest of the season, it's something they've obviously
worked on in the training ground.

JOHN: That's a decent ball by Christensen, and Abraham has broken the offside trap
and is in on goal… Super save. Adrian stood tall and stood big, and keeps Liverpool in front. GARY: Well, it's Trent Alexander-Arnold
that's just playing him on, the last thing you want as a centre-back
is your full-back behind you. Thought Adrian's starting position might
have been a little bit better as well, but all credit to him, he stands big and forces
the issue with the centre-forward.

He would have scored. JOHN: Willian, Mount, Alonso goes now. It's gonna spin for Willian, who's in. Oh, some save by Adrian, but it's in! It's Azpilicueta, it's almost
a ricochet from the Spaniard, and Adrian, who just made one outstanding
save, couldn't keep the second effort out. Well, they are looking at VAR
to adjudicate whether it is legal. The ball does come off Fabinho, doesn't it? They'll look at it again there,
but it all looks pretty good, doesn't it? GARY: I thought there was a possibility
of offside on a couple of occasions there. WHISTLE BLOWS, CHEERING JOHN: The second big cheer,
the goal is chalked off. Robertson had gone but then managed
to sort himself out, and Liverpool go again. That's a foul surely, by Azpilicueta. GARY: I kind of get it, to be honest,
I don't think he can go anywhere. JOHN: Still a foul though, isn't it? It's Robertson. Oh, Firmino, 2-0! You just can't give Roberto Firmino
a free header there, and Liverpool double their advantage,
and it was oh-so-simple.

GARY: Well, whether it was a free kick or not,
it's a great execution from Liverpool. Again, it's obviously something
they've worked on the training ground. Where this little move comes from
I'm not 100 per cent sure, they just move the ball
to create a different angle. Alonso's got to be stronger, he's got to
want to win the header a lot more. And Firmino, right in the middle of the goal, takes it past the helpless Kepa. JOHN: Firmino gets himself
another Liverpool goal. And Liverpool have Salah on the spin, Tomori is the defender again, who has had to work really hard, and he
says to the assistant on the far side about a potential handball by Mo Salah. Now they have a corner right
at the top of this second half. It's just above Sadio Mane. Alexander-Arnold will try again. Oh, it's Firmino! It's a really good save by Kepa
to keep Chelsea in the game. GARY: Firmino doesn't go for power,
he just goes for accuracy.

Opens his body up and hits it
with the side of the foot, kind of comes off his shin. JOHN: Fabinho. Alexander-Arnold. Fabinho, Alexander-Arnold,
it's brilliant from Liverpool… Oh! And somehow Kepa has kept it out. The flag has gone up now anyway,
perhaps against Trent Alexander-Arnold. Chelsea living on the edge. GARY: Incessant pressure from Liverpool. That was a tight one, referee's assistant
had a real good view of it, he's made two really good saves. Wasn't to know he was offside, was he? JOHN: Here's big Zouma. Lovely flighted ball for Marcos Alonso, the cross doesn't turn
into a bad one for Azpilicueta. Got it all wrong, Chelsea will
keep it though with Jorginho. This is Azpilicueta, that's a better ball. Abraham tried to get there
and he couldn't do so.

Corner given eventually. GARY: It's a good move from Chelsea,
created a bit of space down the right, and it was a real dangerous ball.
Joel Matip stuck to his task. Should have been a goal kick, shouldn't it? JOHN: In goes the corner, and the header
still ricocheting away – Kante! Wide enough. GARY: They did this in the first half
just before they actually scored. As you said earlier, John, they just
built that little head of steam up, beginning to do pretty much similar
to what they did in that first 45. Kante. Still going…still going! Oh! Special goal from N'Golo Kante,
how's he done that? He has just weaved his way through Liverpool
and brought Chelsea back into the game.

GARY: He certainly has,
he really should have been closed down but they've worked it really well
in this second half, Chelsea, because both full-backs have had
plenty of space down both flanks. Kante is a willing supporter, and Liverpool
have got to get out there quicker. Fabinho just gave up too easily. And then the centre-backs have got to come
out and they don't do it quick enough. You have to say,
what a wonderful finish by Kante. JOHN: Willian. That's a foul against Joel Matip. GARY: Well, for me Willian just gets
entangled in Matip's legs. Just moves into him. Simple. JOHN: Chelsea's free kick,
Mason Mount again is the taker. Oh, Marcos Alonso is completely
round the back door. Adrian with the save. Wouldn't have counted. The flag was up anyway, but again,
Adrian wasn't to know. Kovacic, Alonso, Liverpool trying
to get back into cover, and they don't – and the header
is wide from Batshuayi. And it was a free header. GARY: It's a lovely ball in,
Alonso has put some lovely crosses in. Gets that space between
the two centre-backs. Again it's a little bit behind him,
he's got quite a bit to do.

Agony for the manager, agony for the fans. They've certainly had a right good go
in this second half, Chelsea. JOHN: Alonso with time and space. And on to Mount! Well, they've had their chances. GARY: That was the chance.
That was the chance. He just runs off Trent Alexander-Arnold,
does Mason Mount. It's a lovely little ball by Alonso. It's a hard chance but a chance
that he'll look back at and think: "Hit the target, make the goalkeeper
make the save.".